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京の宿 北海館 お花坊
The Kyoto Inn, Hokkaikan Ohanabo

京都駅より徒歩で約 7 分東本願寺の目の前にある旅館「京の宿 北海館 お花坊」に尋ねました。元々は東本願寺をお参りする北海道の方が泊まる宿坊だった「お花坊」ですが、女将さんに旅館の魅力について案内して頂きました。

"The Kyoto Inn, Hokkaikan Ohanabo" is a ryokan situated about a 7-minute walk from Kyoto Station. Located in front of the Higashi Honganji Temple, this ryokan originally was a shukubo (temple lodging) where visitors coming from Hokkaido to Higashi Honganji stayed. In this episode, the okami-san (ryokan manager) introduces us to the charm of the inn.

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The Inn with Cherry Blossom Bath


Family&Resort Kawabata

【Location: Kawazu 場所:川津】

"Family & Resort Kawabata" is located about 4 km away from the sea in the south of Izu, and it is a family-run inn along the banks of the Kawazu River. Guests can enjoy seasonal activities such as hiking and fishing in the surrounding area. In June you can see fireflies, and throughout the summer you can use the inn’s pool. You can relax while listening to the river stream and birds chirping. This time, the goal of the stay was to enjoy the sight of the Kawazu Sakura cherry blossom from their open-air bath!


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Japan's first registered Tangible Cultural Property in Cherry Blossom Season


【Location: Aizu Higashiyama Onsen 場所:会津東山温泉】

In this episode, I visit Mukaitaki, a traditional ryokan located in Aizu Higashiyama Onsen in Fukushima. Mukaitaki was the first building in Japan to be registered as a Tangible Cultural Property in Japan, and their four wooden buildings are all in the register with registration numbers 1 to 4. I stayed at this historical ryokan during the cherry blossom season and got a taste of the timeless beauty of their inner garden from the comfort of my room.


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Yunushi Ichijoh: The Forest Inn with a Taisho Period Time Slip

Yunushi Ichijoh

【Location: Kamisaki Onsen 場所:鎌先温泉】

"お客さまは映画の主人公です 坂を登ってきますと一條の森に迷い込んでしまいました"
"Our guest is like the main character of a movie who climbs a slope and gets lost in the forest of Ichijoh"
This is the story of Kyoto aristocrats who fled to Miyagi and started an inn 600 years ago.
お食事は非常に美味しいです。 当館は森の食材を使った旬の料理を提供しており、ミシュランガイド宮城特別版にも掲載されたこともあります。
The dining experience is something out of the ordinary. The ryokan serves seasonal cuisines using local ingredients from the forest, and their cuisine has been featured in the Miyagi area Michelin guidebook in 2017.
In addition, this all takes place in the grand atmosphere of their cultural heritage building.
今まで泊まった旅館の中で、一番のお気に入りのひとつです。 Of all of the ryokans I've stayed at so far, this is one of my definite favorites.


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A Foreign Ambassadors' Former Holiday Villa

Hotel Kojoen

【Location: Lake Chuzenji, Oku-Nikko 場所:日光中禅寺湖温泉】

中禅寺湖が目の前にある元大使館の別荘地にある「ホテル湖上苑」をご紹介します。標高が高い中禅寺湖はかつて外交官が避暑に訪れた国際的な避暑地として盛んでいました。 This time I'm introducing "Hotel Kojoen", located in the villa area of the former embassy in front of Lake Chuzenji. The lake, which is situated at a high altitude, was once a popular destination for foreign diplomats looking to escape the scorching heat in Tokyo.

明治20年(1887)に中禅寺湖の初めての外国人別荘として建てられてましたが、のちに空き別荘となって、大正12年(1923)に「大黒屋 旅館」がここで開業します。これが現在の「ホテル湖上苑」です。
At this location, Lake Chuzenji’s first foreigner's holiday villa was built in 1887, but it was later left vacant and opened under the name Daikokuya Ryokan in 1923. This is the base of the current "Hotel Kojoen".

The building was rebuilt in the 1960s, so it's different from the original villa. Still, being able to gaze out on this spectacular scenery that the Belgian ambassador once spent 3 1/2 hours to get to, is something out of the ordinary!

Check out the video for the rest of the story!

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